Localized Internet Search
ZLinked is a full-service national directory service like Yellowpages.com— however, because of the proprietary geo-targeting technology they use, people doing an Internet search will be shown the businesses within their local area..So, with their extensive advertising network and partnership with high-traffic 'affiliate' sites, this gives businesses greater impact and reach with their local online advertising.

Desiring to continually improve their service, available sometime in mid 2010, ZLinked will target local customers by offering its advertisers an OPT-IN network to be able to send customizable coupons directly to cell phones.


ZLinked has a one-of-a-kind product called "SearchBoost." It is an add-on feature to any existing ZLinked Advertiser Package. It's the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE method to get your ZLinked ad listed on the Google, Yahoo, and the major search engines. The average ZLinked SearchBoost advertiser achieves PAGE ONE RESULTS over the monthly period.*

This is a phenomenal capability that compares to other methods of achieving this costing in excess of thousands of dollars per month. In addition to that, your ad can be listed in as little as 72 hours—and we'll create it for you!

If you would like to get started right away, give one of our representatives a call so they can help you determine which is the best package for your business. This will take about 5-10 minutes to do.


Click on the link below the business to be shown a search that someone would do when looking for something specific. Note that this is ONLY 1 of 10 "terms" they received with their ad—which the other 9 terms will, of course, get them even MORE RESULTS.

[NOTE: Results will be best if you do the search on a computer that is 'in' one of the zip codes that the advertiser has selected to target (or just type in their zip code in your search). You may not see results on your first search (since no one can guarantee a listing 100% of the time)—and you may have to click your browser "refresh" button once or twice for the "Sponsored" areas to show up].


How Much Coverage?
There are packages for every size business, and for how many 'areas' (zip codes) you want to be advertised in.

  • Starting at less than $250 per month
  • No variable "Pay-Per-Click" (PPC) charges
  • No required minimums or 'lock-in' contract (monthly billing)
  • Quantity discounts (3 months: 5%; 6 months: 10%; 12 months: 15%)
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CLICK HERE for the details of each package.

NOTE: For a limited time, you can have ZLinked's SEO experts create your ad, and choose the most effective keywords—and have it 'live' within 72 hours of your order.**

*Daily Results May Vary. Page 1 ranking does not apply to select categories, including but not limited to Real Estate, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Financial Planning, Legal, Adult-Sites, Gaming and Automotive. ZLinked will continually monitor all ad performance to achieve the best placement possible. **In order for your Search Boost ad to go live within 72 business hours, you MUST complete the basic components of your ZLinked ad (Business Name, Business Details and Targeted Zipcodes) within 24 hours of your ad purchase.


Helping Your Business Get Noticed
Contact the representative in your area, or the person that sent you to this site.

  • Mark Besh: 248.548-7000 (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
    (Click here to buy your ad from Mark)

  • Scott Longo: 407.702.4693 (Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA)
    (Click here to buy your ad from Scott)

  • Meaghan McCann: 734.620.8242 (Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)
    (Click here to buy your ad from Meaghan)

  • Rex Roy: 313.882.2400 (Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, USA)
    (Click here to buy your ad from Rex)

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    [NOTE: Click on "PRODUCTS" tab, then "ADVERTISING"].


Certified Search Marketing Professionals
We have also partnered with Search_Ad_Marketing, a "pay-per-click" (PPC) firm with over 15 years of servicing businesses with their communications needs, and specialists in crafting effective search terms to get your business noticed.

Their certified professionals can 'amplify' your ZLinked ad with a more comprehensive campaign that will be optimized for an even better return on your investment. They can also help you take advantage of using social media for staying 'connected' with your customers.

Low-cost Solution
The combination of these technologies can diversify your advertising by increasing your business' exposure, build your brand on the Internet, provide qualified traffic to your web site, expand your current advertising plan, and support your local economy—all at a cost less than a single small newspaper ad (or a premium cup of coffee per day).

Locally Focused
The ZLinked's proprietary advertising platform and network of high-volume web sites allow advertisers to increase their web traffic, increase their brand identity, and grow their revenues because of the specialized targeted placement in their local community.

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