Geographical Focus
This is a method of determining the physical location of a web site visitor and then delivering targeted content like advertising from local business—allowing ad placements to become more specialized to the 'sensitivities' defined by geographic or cultural markets. This ensures the advertiser receives the most value for their promotional dollar.


Packaged Solution
ZLinked is our selected provider of services that enables local businesses to reach local customers with targeted Internet advertising. The 'customer-facing' portal web site, ZLinked.com, is a local search directory that acts as the central 'hub' for the ZLinked technology. When a customer visits ZLinked.com, proprietary geo-targeting software identifies the customer's location and displays relevant local business listings. In addition, ZLinked has created an advertising 'network' that publishes local business listings on its owned and operated sites, as well as partner sites.

ZLinked is a subsidiary of Beyond Commerce, the parent company that has two other companies under its 'umbrella'. BOOMj, the leading niche web 'portal' and social networking site for Baby Boomers and those over 30 years old, and i-Supply, a company that offers easy-to-use, fully customizable E-commerce services. Together these companies combine to offer a one-stop solution for businesses wanting to successfully monetize the internet for their business.

Advertising Network
Push technology pro-actively distributes your advertising to the most-visited web sites on the web.

Greater Reach
Being displayed on more web sites gives a business greater 'pull' to their own web site.

Network Partners
Because of the large and expanding network of web sites associated with Beyond Commerce, a small business can have access to the coverage that large corporations do.


What It Can Do For You
The combination of these technologies can increase your business' exposure, build your 'brand' on the Internet, provide qualified traffic to your web site, diversify your current advertising plan, and support your local economy—all at a cost less than a small ad in a newspaper or the 'Yellow Pages'.

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