Growing In Importance
Although most of the texting today is done by 18-25 year olds, there is a growing desire for people older than that to receive texts since they do not 'disturb' them as much.

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Since most people have their cell phones on them most of the time, we are seeing a trend that the cell phone is fast becoming the 'favored' device to have advertising promotions sent to.


Large Installed Base
Some research firms have said that there are over 200 million cell phones in use in America—with over 1/3 of them prefering to get information sent to their phone, rather than getting it from the radio of the TV.


Highly Successful
Messaging is very successful in getting the information to the consumer.


Variety of Uses
There are many kinds of information that can be sent to a cell phone.


Promotional Opportunities
There will continue to be many ways for advertisers to get their message and incent the consumer.


SMS Ad Package
Available sometime in mid 2010, iZIGG will offer its advertisers an OPT-IN network to be able to send customizable coupons directly to a cell phone.

Just imagine if someone is just going to leave work, and is interested in a bite to eat. Then imagine that they receive a 20% off coupon, on their cell phone, for those who order dinner before 6 PM. Continue to imagine that since this was sent by the iZIGG's geo-targeting system, and it knows that the restaurant is within the local area that the person's work location is.

Imagine how this could help reduce costs for service companies—i.e. doctor's, dentists, etc.—maybe only just to remind their clients of their next appointment.

These are just a few examples of how advertisers using the iZIGG system will be able to connect with their prospects—at the most opportune time! There are endless opportunites that we can help you use creatively.

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